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Landscaping Ideas for Great Garden Design

Landscaping Ideas

Great gardens don’t happen by accident. Careful planning with a combination of original ideas and time-tested classics will make your garden a place where you can happily pass many hours, sipping your favorite drink and basking in the beauty of your space. When you incorporate new landscaping ideas into your existing garden, you’ll find your entire space transformed.

Use crushed rock to create paths from one section of the garden to another. Don’t create a ruler-straight grid. Instead, let paths curve from one section to another. With a large enough garden, you can even use your rocks to create designs. If you can’t find crushed rock you like, terra cotta tiles add a splash of color to your greenery, as does mulched wood. Incorporating paths will help cut down on large patches of grass in your garden, so you’ll have less maintenance to perform overall.

Bring more life and beautiful sounds to your garden by installing a birdbath. Look for something with multiple levels, where water flows from one tier to the next. You can also hang a rain chain above your birdbath, and you won’t need to fill it as often and you can look forward to singing birds splashing away after your next rainstorm.

Mix it up. Plants with spiky leaves and plants with soft, rounded leaves create an interesting visual and give your garden depth when they’re planted together. In the same vein, plant colors don’t have to match in the same plot. Try mixing dark green leaves with lighter, striped leaves and orange flowers with red or yellow flowers.

A rain chain can also be hung so the water falls directly into planters. If you live in a dry environment, it’ll help plants get water they need. If you live in a wet environment, choose plants that need a lot of moisture like confederate rose hibiscus. Create a hanging garden of rain chains for a beautiful, tranquil effect whenever it rains. If you don’t have contained planters, just place a copper bowl or other attractive container under the rain chains. You can use the water to nourish your plants when the weather dries up again.

Include art in your garden. Whether it’s statues, mosaics or colorful spheres, man-made pieces will make your space more interesting. You can change your art as the seasons or years change, too. Functional art like metal or intricately carved wooden benches and tables can make your garden more useful for you and your family. Use lights and torches to brighten your garden at night, so you can relax at the end of the day and still admire the beauty of the plants.

Label your plants -- especially herbs -- with small signs that echo the colors of your garden. Chalkboards with handwritten labels are charming in gardens with old-fashioned art and planters. Brass signs with embossed labels look great with in gardens with lots of warm shades and metal accompaniments.