Cacti/Succulents - Rain Chains Direct


Do you have an area that does not get much water and/or you just forget about watering that particular area or plant? Try succulents or plants in the cactus family. There are some wonderful, easy-to-grow plants that can thrive in your garden. I have a plant called hen and chicken that is as attractive as it is maintenance free. I have it in the ground and also in pots which I have literally propogated from one little frosty gray rose-looking leaf. I have rocks all around my cactus garden. Keep in mind that succulents or cacti store their water in their leaves and/or stems which enable them to require much less water than most plants. Other forms of succulents that I have enjoyed through the years is the beautiful Crown of Thorns (Euphorbia Millii). It has continuous blooms and I also have this plant in the ground and also in pots. They come in red, which I like to use as a decoration during Christmas and also yellow and peach. I recently purchased a crown of thorns that is a combination of peach and yellow on the same flower. It is breathtaking!

A wonderful ground cover is “Acre” sedum. This tiny-leaved, low-growing, ground cover is full of sunny yellow flowers that add abundant color to any garden and is so low maintenance. There are sedum that also do well in pots that do not get that much rain or are in a place that tend to be neglected, which they love. I started a hanging basket from leaves of a sedum that is now hanging in one of my oak trees and is thriving. I also have started a plant that is now growing in my kitchen window. Try one of these easy-to-grown succulents.

Check out our other articles and read some of our customer comments and see some of the different ways they have incorporated rain chains into their garden decor. In our next feature, I will give you some different ideas for using our rain chains other than the traditional way which is attached to a gutter system. I get questions frequently about how to use rain chains without benefit of gutters. Hopefully, this will answer some of these questions!