Rain Chain Installation Guide

Rain Chain Installation Guide

Installing a rain chain is easy! In most cases it takes no tools at all. Each of our rain
chains come with their own hanging hook, however for the most optimum installation, we do
recommend that you use our Gutter Installer (a.k.a. gutter reducer) which is sold separately.

Here are the instructions for installing your rain chain using the Gutter Installer. Please
note that if you have a downspout where you are making your installation, this will need to
be removed prior to installing the chain - most conventional downspouts can be removed with
a screwdriver.


Remove the nut and bolt from the Gutter Installer

Gutter Installer

Place the Gutter Installer into the leader hole of the gutter

installer put into the leader hole

Thread the bolt back through the holes and then through the top of the chain

thread the bolt through the rain chain

Secure the bolt back onto the nut - You are finished!

secure the nut onto the bolt