Frequently Asked Questions About Rain Chains


Have questions about rain chains?  Here are some answers.  We have tried to address the most common questions on this page, but if you do not find the answer to your question, please drop us an email at and we will be happy to answer your question and help you any way we can.


How difficult are rain chains to install?

Installing rain chains is a snap. Each chain comes with it’s own hanging
hook which sits down into the existing gutter hole and allows the rain chain
to hang from it. No tools needed!

Can I use a rain chain without a gutter?

Our rain chains are designed to be easily installed in a standard gutter, however there are many instances where they have been installed in a custom setup without a gutter.  Since there are many different situations that might use a rain chain without a gutter, there is no standard recommended installation method.  We just recommend that the rain chain is installed with adequate support.

Are your rain chains 100% copper?

Yes, our rain chains are 100% copper. They are not treated with anything
so that they will start to develop a nice patina relatively quickly.

I need a longer length. How can I extend my chains when you only sell standard

Many of our styles can be extended easily by hand, so two chains can be added
together to make a longer length. They can also be unattached to make a shorter
length. Other styles can be extended or shortened as well, with some basic tools.
Here is a brief tutorial on how to extend all of our chains.

Do you sell wholesale to retailers?

At this time, we are not selling wholesale to retailers. 

How secure is my credit card ordering online?

Very secure. We use industry standard encryption—it doesn’t get any safer for
online ordering.

Do I need any additional equipment to install my rain chain?

In most cases no, but if you get your rain chain and find that your gutter hole
is too large for the water flow into the chain (not the case 95% of the time),
then we do offer a gutter reducer which will reduce the size of the hole.

Will my rain chains hold up in the winter months?

Yes.  Rain chains hold up fine in the winter, even in very cold and freezing climates.  The only caution here is that the weight of the ice on the rain chain does not become too heavy for the stock hanging hook.  This is why the best practice is to use a Gutter Installer, which is a much stronger connection to the gutter than the hanging hook. 

How difficult is it to install a rain chain/do they come with their own installation hardware?

All of our rain chains are super simple to install.  All you need is a standard gutter with a gutter hole.  Each of our rain chains comes with its own hanging hook and no separate hardware is required.  However, we do sell installation kits.  These are recommended when you are hanging a rain chain that is longer than the standard 8.5 feet, and/or you live in an environment where there is heavy ice buildup on the chains in the winter.  The presence of the installation kit (or "gutter reducer") serves to strengthen the hanging point and provides a more secure connection in situations where there will be added weight on the chain.  Some also like the look of the gutter reducer instead of the hanging hook.

Do I need to worry about rain chains freezing in the winter?

Rain chains can freeze over in the winter.  Normally this does not cause any problems and can be quite beautiful. However, some attention must be paid to both the amount of ice that is gathering on the chain and the length of the chain.  As both lengths and amount of ice increases, so does the weight on the chain.  With enough weight the rain chain can overpower the strength of the hanging hook and it can fall down.  One way to take precautions against this is to use a gutter reducer {link}.  A gutter reducer is stronger than the hook that comes with the rain chain and therefore can withstand more weight.  Apart from this solution, you can also simple knock off any excess ice formation.

Where should a rain chain drain?

Rain chains function much like regular downspouts.  Apart from aesthetic appeal, their function is simply to guide the water down to the ground.  Anywhere that a regular downspout would drain--a basin, a rock, a channel, the lawn, a rain barrel, a rain garden--so can a rain chain.  

Will my copper rain chain react with my gutter?

Since copper is high on the galvanic scale, a copper rain chain will not be affected by any metal gutters.  Aluminum gutters are low on the galvanic scale so may be affected over time at the contact point by copper, however this can be mitigated by using a clear coat lacquer or clear primer on the surfaces that come into contact.

Do I need gutters to hang a rain chain?

The most common way to install a rain chain is as a replacement for a gutter downspout.  However, some people without gutters have come up with some creative ways to hang a rain chain.  One such way can be seen at the bottom of this page.  So the answer is no, you don't necessarily need a gutter to enjoy a rain chain, but you may need to get creative! 


My question was not answered here, where can I get it answered?

Yes, please email us at for a prompt response.


Why buy from us?

These days, rain chains seem to be everywhere. You can find them at big retailers to small online businesses. And yet when you are shopping online, making the right choice can be particularly tricky because you cannot hold the product in your hand or feel the weight and construction to determine the quality. This is unfortunate because there can be a big difference in the quality of the rain chain, depending upon where it comes from. You can go wrong out there.

You can feel confident purchasing from Rain Chains Direct because we only carry high quality, 100% copper rain chains. When we say high quality, we mean solid construction, good weight, and great contemporary and traditional designs. Unfortunately there are a number of retailers that sell rain chains that simply don’t stack up by comparison (and some of these are selling for twice the price!) We are able to keep our costs very low because we are a small, web-based business that is all about efficiency. This allows us to sell chains that other websites have to charge much more for.

So firstly, we encourage you to look at the specs of the rain chain you are buying.

  • Look at the material (other retailers are selling a “copper coated” chains) At Rain Chains Direct we only have 100% copper chains.
  • Look at the length (other retailers are selling chains that are 6 feet in length and try to pass it off as a full chain) Don’t be fooled, at Rain Chains Direct we only sell full length, 8.5 feet chains.

Also, Rain Chains Direct is committed to both sustainable and useful business practices for the greater good. We are sustainable from an environmental standpoint because we are small and we are virtually paperless.

Last but not least, we make every effort to give the best customer service we can. When you order a rain chain from Rain Chains Direct, it ships out within one business day. We use Amazon fulfillment service, so your order will come in a timely, trackable and reliable way. We also love answering questions and solving problems!

We believe these reasons make us “heads and shoulders” above the rest. We strive to be that way. And moreover, we like to improve. So if there is anything you think we could be doing a better job at, please let us know. We really take this advice to heart.

We hope you enjoy shopping at Rain Chains Direct!

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