Other Suggestions and Ideas

Other Suggestions and Ideas

Rain chains, or Kusari Doi, which is the Japanese name for these decorative home and garden accents, are a lovely, yet functional alternative to the drab, ugly downspout. All our rain chains are 100% copper and are all approximately 8.5 feet in length. For multi-story homes, which may require longer lengths, most of our chains can be joined together or shortened at any point by means of pliers. The double loop and the hammered cup with ring may require cutting and soldering to change the length or add to another chain. We have a lovely basin (14.5 in. in diameter) that can be paired with any rain chain for a wonderful accent to the garden. If a chain is too short and you do not want to buy another chain, you can get a taller receptacle made of copper or terra cotta, which will hide the fact that the chain is too short. You can also get a link of copper chain from the hardware store and attach it to the shorter chain and give it some length. I have had customers tell me that this helped solve the problem and it looked great. Decorative rocks can also be added around the bottom of the chain, whether it is cascading into a receptacle or just going to the ground. The rocks give it a finished look and help anchor the chain. Fishing line or tent-like stakes can also be used to anchor the rain chains at the bottom, if there is a need.

We have many sizes and types of chains to fit all weather situations. The large cup-style chains, i.e. large copper pails and the aged square cups (which are 4″ in diameter) are suggested for areas where there is heavy rain. While all rain chains will have some splashing, these two seem to handle large amounts of rainfall the best. If you do not have heavy rainfall and you basically want a rainchain for aesthetic reasons, any of our small cup-style chains will work well. Many of our customers prefer the link-type chain. We have the double loop and the traditional link chains which seem to appeal to many builders. We also sell gutter reducers which work well with all our chains and help to direct the water down through the chain.

There are many other ways to use rainchains other than the traditional alternative to the downspout. Some have used rainchains in conjuction with pumps and fountains, creating a unique alternative to traditional landscaping. A creative imagination and a rainchain can come together to produce a unique garden setting. Water gardens and ponds can be enhanced by rainchains. Customers who do not have traditional gutters have also managed to use rainchains. If there is a location on your roof, where two sections come together to a point where a stream of water is formed, a rain chain can be successfully attached. I have a section of chain (approx. 4 feet) that I hung from a crepe myrtle tree outside my kitchen window. It works quite well in a heavy rain and is quite enjoyable to watch.

Check out the pictures on our website that have been sent from some of our satisfied customers, who have successfully incorporated rainchains into their gardens and landscaping and have been willing to share their wonderful ideas with us. Rainchains make a wonderful and unique gift to give and receive. We have Valentines Day, the arrival of Spring, Easter, birthdays, and anniversaries to celebrate with our friends and loved ones. What a wonderful gift for the gardeners on our gift lists or for a potential gardener to peak his interest in gardening! Also, our gift certificates are so easy to give and they come in all denominations.