Ideas for Water Features

Ideas for Water Features

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Outdoor living is currently a growing trend for homeowners.  This trend revolves around the idea of improving your outdoor space by building gardens, outdoor kitchens and living rooms, erecting pergolas, installing water features, or adding other outdoor home improvements.  Many people with yards are starting to realize they would like spending more time outside if they added some things to enhance their outdoor setting.  It also encourages entertaining and bringing family and friends to congregate because everyone enjoys spending time in your serene backyard environment.   Water features are a great way to enhance your space without spending a lot of money.  They are relatively inexpensive, you can construct them by yourself, and they greatly improve the serenity and tranquil atmosphere of your surroundings.  This article will explore several types of water features you can install to augment the aesthetic qualities and pleasant ambiance of your outdoor space.  



fountain fountain fountain 

Fountains come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s important to choose one that best compliments the space where you would like to install it.  They also come in a variety of materials, so be sure to select a material that suites your taste.  Fountains can highlight your garden, patio, front yard, and garden.  They can also make for a nice centerpiece surrounded by plants, or placed in a small pond.  Here is a link to a source for a diverse array of garden fountains.


Small Ponds

 backyard pond backyard pond backyard pond backyard pond

Placing a small pond in your backyard can be a relaxing addition.  Make sure that it is positioned well in your space.  It needs between 4 to 6 hours of sunlight during the day to cleanse the water and clear it of algae.  It is also important that it is not in a place where it receives storm water runoff.  This is especially important if you decide to put fish and plants in your pond.  You can construct your pond by simply digging out the area and lining it with waterproof plastic, or you can sink containers in the ground to house the water. 


Water Gardens

 water garden water garden water garden 

Water gardens are designed to create a tranquil environment by supporting an array of aquatic plants in the water and around its edges.  They can also house ornamental fish as well.  Water gardens can be any size, but they are typically shallow, not exceeding more than 2 feet.  


Water Basins

 water basin water basin water basin

Water basins are decorative bowls that catch water flowing from a spout or other device releasing water.  The basin eventually fills then overflows into a decorative rock bed where the water seeps into a reservoir.  The water is then pumped from the reservoir and cycled back through the spout.  Water basins can be crafted from a variety of metals, wood, stone, or bamboo, depending on your taste and the style you are trying to achieve.  


Rain Chains

 rain chain rain chain rain chain rain chain on home 

Rain chains are a replacement for traditional gutter downspouts on your home.  They fulfill the same purpose but have the added benefit of improving the aesthetic qualities of your home.  Rain chains are typically made of 100% copper and will gain a beautiful patina over time.  There are many different styles of rain chains, but they typically come in cup designs or link designs.  Rainwater flows down this decorative item instead of flowing through a cheap aluminum downspout.  They can also be incorporated into virtually any water feature discussed in this article.  They are also useful in water reclamation systems and can be run into ponds, rain gardens, rain barrels, cisterns, and many other water features.  Here is a link to our own Aged Square Cups rain chain as seen in the third picture above.  



backyard waterfall backyard waterfall backyard waterfall

The great thing about waterfalls is that they can be designed and configured in any way your imagination allows.  They can be run into a pond, or into a rock bed with a reservoir underneath.  A pump then circulates the water back through the system.  Waterfalls can cascade down almost any surface you like, but some typical ways are over rocks or a wall.  The waterfall can be customized in any way you like, giving it an authentic and natural look.  The sound from a waterfall is quite soothing to the ear as well.  Waterfalls are great additions to other water features like a pond or water garden.  


Stairway Water Features

 stairway waterfall stairway waterfall stairway waterfall 

This type of water feature really adds appeal to drab stairways or long walkways.  Stairway water features are typically installed in the middle of the stairway, splitting the staircase lengthwise.  It combines the waterfall and fountain features into one.  A spout is placed at the top of the staircase or in the middle of a walkway inside a small basin.  The basin is connected to a reservoir at the bottom of the stairs and water is pumped through this system back to the top.  Something decorative is usually placed over or around the spout at the top.  This water feature delivers the pleasant sound of flowing water plus a unique aesthetic appeal that pleases the eye.


Check out this link for more on water feature ideas.