Choosing Great Garden Accessories

Choosing Great Garden Accessories

A resplendent garden takes planning.  Choosing the right combination of plants, flowers and grasses depends on the available space and environment. Restrictions like space, water usage issues, property lines and average rainfall can be guidelines for arranging your garden. The best part about having a plan is the next step: garden accessories.

Decorating is more than adding accents like sundials, weather vanes or landscape lighting, although these kinds of garden items add whimsical charm. Garden accessories can be both beautiful and functional. Try some of these versatile and useful accents:

rain chain in garden

Rain Chains

Not only are rain chains picturesque home and garden accents, they can be the lynchpin of sustainable garden design. Rain chains replace standard gutter downspouts with artisanal metal ornaments like teardrops, blossoms, flower petals and a variety of imaginative designs. They also add function by helping to channel reusable rainwater throughout the yard.

garden arbor

Garden Arbors

An arbor or trellis helps direct ground cover and vine growth. The plants wind up and around the decorative structures, creating bowers and hideaways that add mystery and beauty to walkways or garden walls.

fence panelFence Panels

No room for an entire fence? A bit of decorative fence can beautify the yard or delineate the garden border. A few panels can trick the eye and suggest a fence without the physical restrictions.

bird feederBird Feeders

Our forest friends help distribute seeds from garden varietals and control the pest population. Not only can bird feeders offer an abundance of designs, they invite winged beauty and entertainment that changes with the seasons.

raised plantersRaised Planters

Raised planters offer more control over soil temperatures and less maintenance for sensitive plants. They are easy to construct and have a unique look that can fit nicely into a garden theme. 

tumbling composterTumbling Composters

Compost provides fertilizer from a sustainable source: your own kitchen. Recycled food scraps and organic materials are tumbled in the heat-absorbing barrel that contains openings for rain water.

garden shedSheds

Even if your neighborhood has structural restrictions you can find a shed design for your needs. Sheds are the perfect place for keeping garden tools and equipment out of the elements. They range in style and function from wardrobe-sized tool boxes to fully equipped guest houses. No matter how decorative, always be sure to accommodate tool storage.

Garden accessories are both exciting and functional. They are far from an afterthought. They provide resources for irrigation, fertilization, tool storage and shade, while enhancing the beauty of an outdoor sanctuary unbridled by imagination.