Fundamentals of Composting

Fundamentals of Composting

composting soil

Compost is an important element for your garden that isessential for achieving strong, productive and healthy plants. It is basicallyan organic material that has naturally decomposed and it contains nutrientsthat can greatly benefit your plants. It also helps to enhance the consistency ofthe soil by improving the texture which allows the soil to hold the correct moisturecontent. It can be easily mixed in with your existing soil and it will improvethe composition and structure, making your soil richer and more workable. It isperfect for the plants as it supplies a constant source of nutrients that theycan take in on a daily basis which makes them more resistant to disease.

Using compost also has many environmental benefits. It isthe ideal way to recycle the waste that your garden produces, such as leavesand grass clippings that you would normally throw away. At the same time youwill eliminate the need to buy and use chemical fertilizers, which will saveyou money in the long run as making your own compost won't cost you anything.

Another great advantage is that it is also extremely easy tomake. All you need is a bin or container in your garden where you can simplystore the waste and leave it to decompose. You can choose between an open orclosed bin or container and you can easily make one from wood or use a plasticone if you prefer.

making compost

The most effective compost contains a mixture of brown andgreen waste.  For example mix dry brown leaves or straw with green leaves and grass,this will help to create a good balance of nitrogen and carbon that is idealfor compost. Make sure the majority of the waste is brown as the dry leaveswill absorb the moisture from the grass enough for it to stay damp but not toowet.

You can start by simply layering each one in the containerand - it will start to decompose quickly at first and then moreslowly over time. It is also necessary to regularly mix it up toevenly distribute the moisture and to circulate the oxygen which is equallyimportant to the process. During the decomposition the core or middle part ofthe compost heap can get warm, this is a normal part of the reaction processand nothing to worry about.

Composting is an efficient and relatively easy way toprovide your plants with the nourishment they need and it is completely freeand environmentally friendly.