Fun Facts About Copper

Fun Facts About Copper

I thought I’d write some fun facts about the copper we use in our rain chains. Copper has been called “man’s infinite metal.” It’s extreme durability can be seen in items discovered by archaeologists dating over 10,000 years ago—items in good condition. Copper and its alloys are used for everything from monetary coins to space technology.

Copper is everywhere around us, in and around the walls of our homes, in telephone equipment, in electrical devices and wiring, and in plumbing. It is also used to build all manner of things including computers, microwaves, and many household appliances. It is estimated that approximately 1500 lbs of this metal will be used in the course of a modern individual’s lifetime.

Copper can be recycled infinitely. Internet resources indicate that copper available worldwide approaches six trillion lbs. and it is estimated that only 12 percent of that resource has actually been mined with nearly all of this still in circulation because of its higher rate of recycling than that of any other metal—this is why copper is a sustainable substance.

Each year in the United States, almost as much copper comes from recycled materials as is newly mined. When we excluded newly mined copper, we find that almost 3/4 of all copper used in industry is from copper scrap. Over half of this scrap is new, which is left over from production of new copper items. The remainder or old scrap comes from everything up to and including ancient plumbing.

Copper is the only resource in which the United States is totally self sufficient in terms of it’s use equaling it’s production. Just another reason to feel good about buying a rain chain from Rain Chains Direct—you’re also being sustainably smart!