A Rain Chain as a Sustainable Product

A Rain Chain as a Sustainable Product

Rain chains can be considered a sustainable, or environmentally friendly product because they are made of pure copper. Copper is a 100% recyclable raw material, making it a perfect material for the future. The unique properties of copper, allow products made of it, like rain chains, to be recycled and used in other products with zero loss of performance or material properties. This allows the entire world of copper products to be re-used indefinitely. In fact, it is estimated that 80% of all the copper that has ever been mined, after being melted down and re-used many times, is still in use today.

Physically, recycled copper has the same value as the primary material

The uses of copper are not limited by these factors and no special treatment needs to take place in order to reuse the copper.

Using Scrap Copper Saves Energy

When copper is recycled, it saves 85% of the energy that would be used to produce the primary material. Energy related to the mining and smelting of primary copper is reduced. This makes recycled copper a true energy bank. For all these reasons, rain chains are a wise choice when it comes to choosing a sustainable product.

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