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7 Simple Home Decorating Tips and Ideas

Decorating a home can be both thrilling and overwhelming. Picture your home as a collection of areas with a loose thematic connection. Try these tips to get started:

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    Foyer: make a colorful first impression. Try placing a dazzling piece of art, a distinctive wallpaper or a piece of furniture that boldly reflects what is echoed in a subtler way throughout the house.
  2. Living room: Avoid busy or oppressive colors; a neutral feel is more conducive to conversation. Try mixing and matching - modern with traditional - or even different styles of seats at the same table. That 1930s coffee table and those 1950s chairs might be fit perfectly with a modern couch. Think about curved furniture pieces for a softer ambiance.
  3. Stairwell: Stairwells are often either neglected or over-decorated. Consider brightening up these traditionally dark spaces with lighter paint or adding lighted sconces. Instead of cluttering the space with art as is too often the case, try something simple, like blowing up a favorite black and white photo and placing it directly in the center of the stairwell.
  4. Bathroom: Bathrooms have little furniture and are easier to decorate. Vessel sinks are popular, easy to install and give your bathroom an opulent look. “Up-light” your bathroom with upward-facing sconces, especially near places where you don’t want any shadows.
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    Bedroom: To keep it simple but not spare, a good rule is to allow three feet between the bed and any big furniture pieces. Pick furniture pieces carefully and try to decorate with only what you require; then add a few photos or a vintage mirror for accent.
  6. Balcony: Planting a small herb garden, installing a hibachi barbecue and hanging a wind chime can give you a little slice of paradise to get away from it all.
  7. Patio: Outdoor living is essential in summer time. An open-air kitchen can fetch a hefty price tag, but a more economical approach can be both beautiful and just as functional.  Even with only a built-in grill and large prep counter you can still have fun in your outdoor kitchen all barbecue season.

Your home should be as welcoming as a favorite vacation spot for you and your guests. Choose comfortable dining room seating and soft, diffused lighting. Decorate with what you love but keep the clutter to a minimum. Whether it’s a tiny apartment or a mansion, your home is your sanctuary.