7 Habits For Choosing Healthy Plants For Your Garden

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7 Habits For Choosing Healthy Plants For Your Garden

When you visit your local garden center, how confident do you feel in choosing the healthiest plants for your garden? Here is an easy list of "7 habits" that will serve you well in terms of finding healthy plants for landscaping and garden.

1. Do your pre-work

Judge the amount of garden sunlight and know your soil before you visit your garden center. Also, consider your needs: are you contemplating trellised plants, perennials, ornamental grasses, shrubs and trees, or hanging baskets? Know what you want before you shop.

2. Green thumbs.

Selecting the best plants for your garden requires know-how. But even if you don't have a green thumb, a knowledgeable garden center can help guide your plant choices.  Finding an employee with a green thumb can pay major dividends. They can save you time, money, and increase the success of your garden.

3. Vigorous selections

Assess the overall color and vibrance of the plants you select. Healthy plants look healthy, while unhealthy plants often do not. Check the leaves for chewed areas, wounds, or nicks as these may be a sign of unwanted hosts.  Compare plants with one another.  A healthy robust plant will stand out.

4. To blossom or not to blossom

A blossoming plant may look attractive at the garden center, but transplanting shock may cause it to loose its blossoms.  Budding plants are a better choice and more likely to grow healthy.

5. Be bold, inspect the roots

You want a good combination of roots and soil.  Too much root points to a lack of nutrients. Too little rooting may mean the plant is weak and may not survive another transplant.  Be wary of a garden center that does not allow you to inspect plants roots.

6. Bargains

Are markdowns a good deal? Disease carrying bargains may infect other plants already established in your garden.  Inspect bargains for overall health, absence of foreign sticky substances, webs, and unusual growths.  Follow the seven habits.

7. Warranties

Many garden centers guarantee their products.  Obtain details of what is covered and for how long.  You may not be buying a car but you want to protect your investment. Keep information in files at home.

Choosing healthy plants for your garden is not a walk in the park.  Use these seven habits for buying healthy plants and create the garden of your dreams. Enjoy the colors, aromas, attract bird varieties, or simply enjoy having healthy plants in your garden.  Grab a drink, sit back, and relax!