5 Common Gardening Mistakes

5 Common Gardening Mistakes

Gardening is never easy, especially for beginners, and there are many common mistakes that can hinder the development of a healthy garden.  Here is a short list of common gardening mistakes to avoid. 


1. Overwatering

 overwatered plants overwatered plants overwatering plants

While under-watering a plant causes its own problems, the same can be said for overwatering.  Waterlogged soil can rot the root system of the plant and kill it quickly.  Once the roots rot, the plant is done for.  Check the soil before you water to see how moist the soil is.


2. Over-fertilizing

over fertilizing plants over fertilized plants over fertilized plants  

Fertilizer contains chemicals that can cause fertilizer burn.  Using too much can also stunt the development of fruit or blooming.  Too much fertilizer can overload the plant with nutrients and chemicals that lead to its demise.  Choose organic fertilizers and use them sparingly for the best results.


3. Planting Depth

 seed depth chart seed depth

Planting too deep or too shallow with certain seeds can cause a poor foundation for a plant.  Certain seeds do best when planted at an appropriate depth for the type of plant it is.  Generally, the larger the seed, the deeper it should be planted.  However, planting too deep does not allow enough air and sunlight for many seeds to take root and to thrive. 


4. Poor Soil Preparation

 depleted soil depleted soil depleted soil 

Plants will not thrive in dry and nutrient depleted soil.  Be sure to properly till and loosen the soil before planting.  Make sure that it is mixed with some good compost or composted manure as well.


5. Inadequate Spacing

 plant spacing chart plant spacing 

If you plant seeds or seedlings too close together, they will suffocate each other in competition for sunlight, water, and nutrients.  This is especially true as they begin to grow larger.  Be sure to let plants have enough spacing so they can thrive in development without having to compete with neighboring plants.


Here is a good article for tips on planting a healthy garden: http://www.organicgardening.com/learn-and-grow/secrets-successful-planting